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YOU Motivate YOU

This is an old post from WGF V1.0 but today I felt it should be re posted…

I get comments quite a bit in terms of “how do you just go to the gym?” and “how do you not ever give up” etc. This morning I actually decided to write about it.

As a trainer, people depend on you. When they reach their goals, they get excited and they thank YOU. But here’s the thing…I didn’t do anything. I gave you the keys to do it yourself. Sure, I pushed you, but you could have just as easily said no. YOU choose to do it. YOU got the results. YOU get the credit.

So how are YOU going to get your results? What motivates YOU?

Here’s MY take on motivation in every aspect of your life…

  1. I truly love working out and I look forward to my workouts. Every day.
  2. I see results. I make sure to not only weight but MEASURE myself so I see the progress. I track my weights and it helps to see my strength grow.
  3. I set goals, especially for my big 3 lifts, so I have something to look forward to
  4. I don’t allow myself to think of the gym as a negative thing. It’s a tool to help me be healthy and physically/emotionally happy. It’s good for me.
  5. On the days that I’m tired or feeling bleh, I just don’t think. I turn on my music, put my gym clothes on without giving myself time to hesitate, and just get in the car. Don’t allow yourself to talk yourself out of it. YOU control your thoughts and your motivation
  6. Just as I said a moment ago….it’s all YOU. I can push my clients, encourage them, but in the end it’s all on them. So the end result in 6 months is on them. If they lost the inches, that’s THEIR doing. If not…that’s also on them. people can only help you and motivate you so much. In the end you need to be your own cheerleader. Drop the pity party and just go. Change how you view things and things will become easier.

This applies to every aspect of your life. The way I see it, you can either sit around and wait for things to happen or you can make them happen. You can use excuses, say you had no time, you were tired, the drive thru was open, or you can admit that it’s all on you. It’s YOUR responsibility. 

So let me ask you…do you want someone else to go for and reach the goals you’re dreaming about? Or will you get off your butt and go after it?

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